UNIMAC SA is one of the biggest companies of importing and distributing mechanological equipment (machinery and tools) in Greece. The great variety of the products covers a wide spectrum of the needs of the industry specialist as well as those of a demanding DIY customer. In the past few years the company has realised a wide expansion of its range to garden tools and machinery, DIY products and home technical equipment which the end-users can acquire through the technical stores that co-operate with our company in every part of Greece.


UNIMAC SA was founded in 1983 and has been developing steadily ever since, thanks to the following strategic actions:
•The necessery investments with a view to enhancing the way we have been organized as far as quality and quantity are concerned.
•Our staff consists of specialized professionals who respond to the high standards of the firm.
•The high level of co-operation with the most powerful machinery distribution stores in every city of Greece.
•Building a significant range of "ready for delivery" competitive products with great commercial interest.
•The unique package of high quality services such as "after sales service", "spare parts warehouse organizing", fast response, e.t.c.


Our company has sheltered premises of an area of 19.000 square meters in two regions:
A) In the area of Rentis (P.Ralli Avenue) where the Administration offices, the Sales department, the Purchasing department, the Accounting department, the main warehouse building, the After-Sales (service and spare parts) department are located.
B) In the Koropi industrial area (new premises) where new additional storage areas, the Production department, the Quality Control and Testing department are located.


The company occupies in all its sections specialised and permanent personnel. The company's policy as far as the training and the development of each personnel are concerted has as an exclusive goal to create satisfied and dedicated customers.


The distribution of the products UNIMAC S.A. imports or produces is carried out through dealers who own the most versatile and specialized shops of the industry in every area and city in Greece. The careful selection of the distributor is made after considering the existence of the necessary know-how and infrastructure to serve the end user in a qualitative way.

Benefits - Provisions
Unimac's strong points which keep it ahead of the market are the benefits offers:
  • Organising: The most significant advantage of UNIMAC SA are the investments that have been made on staff, instruction, procedures, equipment, Knowledge and generally in everything that can optimize its structure, with a view to a dynamic and direct response to the needs of the market.
  • A big range of important products: UNIMAC'S products cover a wide spectrum of needs and demands that refer to professional users or demanding DIY users. These products are distributed successfully in the markets abroad and also have a corresponding commercial impact in Greece.
    • Competitiveness arising from the truly advantageous prices in combination with the quality of the products and the total package of services.
  • Stock sufficiency: Two modern warehouses with a big stock are at the disposal of our dealers to satisfy readily the customers' needs. This results the instant response to market needs and the less need for stocking by our distribution network.
  • Highly rapid delivery: Most of the orders are delivered within 24 hours, providing stores - distributors, with great flexibility.
  • Complete Technical Support with quick and responsible repairing department, spare parts and technical instruction from the stage of selection from the stage of selection to every even insignificant problem which may arise many years after the purcase.
  • The most qualitative distribution network: Co-operation with the best outlets in each area for problem-free market service.
  • Commercial Policy which respects our partners and sets an example to follow for all our sector. With clear and transparent terms of co-operation. With direct and responsible communication. Building steady, long-term co-operations.
  • Quality in every aspect of the company (philosophy, management, staff, structure) which ensures great reliability, consistency, confidence as well as a sense of security which is indispensable to any mind of co-operation.
  • Quality management
    Company's Philosophy
    Code of corporational behaviour

    Unimac S.A. has developed and put into practice a company's code of professional
    etiquette and corporational behaviour which is based on a system of traditional
    principles an values that are directly perceived by all those who have a professional
    relationship with UNIMAC.
    Our company's dediaction to the loyal implementation of these standards of behaviour has contributed, more than anything else, to our being distinguisted
    from the other companies of our sector and to being regarded as one of the most reliable firms in the market.
    Co-operations based on mutual benefit

    The mutual benefit, which guarantees benefits for both sides has been implemented by UNIMAC in its co-operations with both customers and suppliers. The results have been exceptional as far as the quality of the relationships and their future perspectives are concerned.
    Constant evolution and adaptation

    In a constantly changing environment, the company responses to the new condition and demands of the market. To this end it examines new co-operations improves processes and systems, trains its staff and tries to adapt to the new conditions which are shaped with globalization.

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